Importance Of Choosing The Right Indoor Grow Tent

Choosing the right indoor grow tent is all about knowing what to look for and understanding what the advantages are.

There are several reasons to find a high-quality indoor grow tent, and it’s time to look at what those benefits are.


It starts with cost-efficiency and being able to save money on daily expenses using the right indoor grow tent. The wrong option can leak quite a bit of energy, which takes away from the setup and starts to eat away into your budget. It’s smart to take a look at how much money is being spent on energy and optimize the tent as much as possible. By going with a high-quality solution, it’s possible to keep things under control for as long as possible without having to foot a large bill at month’s end. This is a worry most people have, but all it takes is a good addition to your setup in the form of a new tent.

Easier to Set Up

The right tent is going to be easy to set up, and that alone can save time. The average person is going to have other things to think about as they look to put together a valuable setup. This means it’s always best to go with a tent that’s easy to put together. Otherwise, the time spent on setting up a tent can start to eat away into your productivity.

The best options on the market right now take no more than a few minutes to put together and set up. After this, a person can start to focus on what’s inside the tent and how it’s laid out from end to end.

Complete Climate Control

Since this is all about creating a positive environment inside the grow tent, there’s nothing more important than climate control. There are several variables at play when it comes to climate control, and one of them has to do with the indoor grow tent. If the tent is leaking heat, it is going to start to get in the way of your yield.

This is why people are finicky when it comes to setting up a new tent and making sure the growth process isn’t halted or slowed down. With a quality option, it’s possible to improve the stabilization of your climate control metrics.


How durable is the tent?

A quality indoor grow tent is going to work well the time and isn’t going to age poorly. This is a worry people have as they look to invest in a brand-new indoor grow tent for their setup. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money and then realizing the tenet isn’t working as it is supposed to.

This is a major concern, but good options aren’t going to pose such a risk. They are designed to handle the stress that is put on the fabric.

Keeps Pests Out

It’s important to go with a quality indoor grow tent because of potential pest-related issues. No one wants to be in a situation where pests start to eat away at their yield, but this can happen with the wrong test. As a result, it’s better to look for a high-quality solution that can keep those pests out for as long as necessary.

Otherwise, the damage can become impossible to manage leading to insufficient returns as time goes on. All it takes is a good tent to make sure pests stay away.

Controls Odors

Don’t want to deal with odors slipping outside the tent and spreading across the property?

This is a major worry, and it’s something people focus on as they look to put together a brand-new indoor grow tent. A great tent will keep these odors inside and ensure they don’t start to seep out over time. This alone is a huge advantage and can help maximize the setup without becoming a hindrance.

These are the reasons to take the time to find a high-grade indoor grow tent. With the market offering multiple solutions, it’s always smart to think about what’s out there before investing in a possible solution. Weigh the pros and cons to ensure the results are on par with what’s required over the long-term.

Indoor gardening has become popular among farmers who need to control the environment for the growth of their plants. In truth, owning an indoor grow garden could be a gateway to success in farming since one can regulate inputs and closely monitor plant growth. Such success is dependent on how you set up your indoor garden. Finding the right tent is essential, and getting the right fixtures such as light holders and LED lights is also crucial. Following a setup guide guarantees a flawless indoor grow garden that is ready to hold your plants for the longest time.

Here are essential steps to follow when setting up your indoor grow garden with a tent and LED lights:

Gather Essential Tools and Supplies

Before picking on the essential supplies and tools, it is important to make an informed decision on the best method for cultivating your crops. Such methods include using soil systems and hydroponics. The supplies required may differ depending on these methods of cultivation.

Despite the different cultivation methods, most of the supplies and tools will be similar to a large extent. Some of the essential supplies include:

  • Grow tent
  • Metal bars
  • Grow light
  • Ventilation system
  • Carbon filters
  • Temperature and humidity gauges
  • Power strips
  • Assembling tools, such as screwdrivers and wire cutters
  • Duct tape

These supplies may, however, differ depending on one’s indoor gardening needs.

Assemble the Grow Tent

Choosing the shape of the indoor grow tent’s frame will depend on the availability of space and personal preference. Before assembling the tent, ensure that it fits in the preferred position. Start by assembling the frame of the grow tent.

Assembling the tent also involves making considerations of the flooring. It is essential to protect the floor by laying mats or plastic bags. Depending on the gardening system, cover the frame using lightweight nylon or canvas to finish assembling the tent. Ensure that zippers work properly and seams are well sewn.

Set Up the Lighting System

Lighting is one of the most crucial components of an indoor grow garden. Getting the perfect LED lights helps your plants thrive. It is advisable to install a pulley system for optimal plant growth to regulate the level of lights from the plants.

Fitting the lighting involves mounting holders that will attach the LED lights to the frame’s crossbar. It is essential to observe the recommended height of the lamps depending on the plant’s needs. Make no mistake of leaving out lighting hoods, as these are vital to directing the light downwards for plant use. The wiring of your lighting system should also be well managed to avoid electrical hazards.

Install the Ventilation System

The perfect indoor grow garden should have a fan and carbon filter as well. Figure out the best position to hang your fan and carbon filter. It is also essential to hang the fan in a way that the intake points toward the carbon filter.

The fan’s exhaust should be directed toward the ventilation opening of the tent. Such placement optimizes air cleaning, temperature regulation, and removal of odor.

Hang Temperature and Humidity Gauges

Keeping an eye on the environmental conditions of your indoor grow garden is essential for plant growth. It is, therefore, crucial to monitor conditions such as temperature and humidity using the recommended temperature and humidity gauges.

When installing such equipment, it is advisable to mount them at a level similar to that of the plants. Mounting them too high or too low may lead to inaccurate readings, which in turn makes the plants suffer due to unfavorable conditions.

Configure Garden Timers

Setting up an indoor grow tent would not be complete without configuring timers. These timers help control the automatic lighting of the lights. They are also key to controlling processes that don’t need human intervention.

Start Up the System

After fitting and fixing everything in position, it is time to bring the system to life. Dialing up the system helps one check whether every component is working as required. Kinks and flaws can, therefore, be corrected for efficient running.

For a system that is working alright, it is essential to run a safety scan. This should include checking the electrical system by inspecting whether cords are well fitted and whether there is any potential electrical hazard.

Place Plants in The Tent

After establishing that everything is in order, the last step of setting up your indoor grow garden is placing your plants in the tent. What follows is monitoring the input levels and environmental conditions for optimal plant growth.

As the public viewpoint towards cannabis starts to soften, and the political environment becomes more friendly too, it’s clear that hydroponic equipment companies in Canada are going to be big business.

The legal marijuana market has exploded internationally, and this has brought with it increased demand for cultivation systems. Hydroponic equipment, grow lights, and grow tents are in demand and there is a great window of opportunity for companies that can supply them.

Why the Need for Hydroponics?

Hydroponically grown plants can grow as much as 50% faster and produce higher yields than those grown in simple soil. The industry leaders are finding innovative ways of using hydroponics to improve output. Cannabis growers have known about hydroponics for a long time, but the market was niche when cannabis growing was a grey area legally.

As the attitudes towards cannabis have changed internationally, this means that demand is on the up. This has prompted waves of investment, mergers, and acquisitions to support the growth of the industry. We have already seen this play out in the United States, and over the last year, since the legalization of weed in Canada, it has started to happen here too.

The Growth of Marijuana in Canada

Marijuana is a solid growth sector in Canada. Many high profile companies are profiting from the softening of legislation. Canopy Growth Corp is listed on the NYSE and the TSX, as is Scotts Miracle Gro, MedMen Enterprises Inc, Aurora Cannabis, and Beleave Inc.

The recreational market for marijuana is believed to be around $10 billion in Canada alone, and Canadian companies have the advantage of being close to the United States too, so there are opportunities to sell there as well.

Arcview, a Cannabis research firm, believes that legal pot sales could grow to as much as $22 billion by 2021, and even reach $57 billion for total worldwide sales by 2027. This is no small amount of money. Interest is great enough that even pension funds are investigating the idea of adding marijuana stocks to their portfolios.

Of course, whenever there is a growing sector such as this, there is inevitably a boom in interest, followed by the bursting of the bubble, then some consolidation. Right now, any company that includes Marijuana in their documents is likely to attract some interest, but in the long term, only the companies that have a solid business model are going to survive.

Growers such as Canopy are well-positioned to thrive. Indeed, Canopy is the only grower to have a listing on the NYSE, and its merger and acquisition activity means that it is set to grow rapidly. Scythian is another major cannabis company with a lot going for it, being a major researcher and incubator for cannabis assets.

The really interesting work, however, is in the hydroponics area. Companies that make grow tents, grow lights, and hydroponic equipment are going to enjoy a surge in interests as individuals look to get involved in cannabis growing themselves.

A New Kind of Garden

Take Scotts Miracle Gro as an example. This company has been involved in gardens for a long time but it is now moving into other territories. Just as it helps homeowners to make their lawns look stunning, it also offers services now for cannabis growers.

Hawthorne Gardening is one if Scotts’ subsidiaries, and it focuses on providing hydroponic solutions for the medical side of the marijuana industry. It provides soil, lighting solutions, and nutrients for cannabis growth, and as legislation has become more relaxed, it now also offers solutions to the general weed industry.

Last year, they got $2.11 billion in sales from the consumer segment of the US. That’s around 80 percent of their income. They are heavily reliant on those traditional forms of income, but lawn and garden sales are seasonal and depend a lot on the weather. Cannabis sales do not depend on that. Hydroponics is in demand all year round, and as interest in cannabis grows in Canada, the opportunities are there for more income from them.

The Cannabis Market Sustains Other Markets

The explosion in the popularity of cannabis and the market for growers and growing paraphernalia in Canada is an interesting phenomenon. Just as the people who make lamps, tents, and hydroponics gear are enjoying access to new markets themselves, their growth is sustaining head shops, grower shops, and even online stores.

Payment processors and online shopping platforms are benefiting from the growth in the industry because new sellers are opening businesses, and orders are booming. Shopify reported that when legalization began in Canada, they were processing 100 orders per minute for marijuana-related sales. That’s a tiny fraction of the revenue that Shopify generates when you consider that the company takes orders from a huge range of niches, but it’s an impressive figure for a young niche, and it is one that is only set to grow. Even eCommerce giants see cannabis as being too important for them to ignore.

Cannabis is still a new phenomenon in Canada. While it has been legalized, the mainstream market is still getting used to the idea, and there are generations of adults with high disposable incomes who grew up with the idea that Cannabis was not legal. Selling to them will be difficult, but the younger generations will grow up seeing marijuana as normal, and that will increase sales over the coming years. The hydroponics and gear companies that get established in the industry now are joining the market at a time when it is growing rapidly, and they have many more years of growth to look forward to.

If you have a business idea, now is a good time to try it. If you are an investor, then look for a company with a solid product and good implementation because those companies are set to take over the industry in Canada over the next few years, and this is your chance to be a part of the legal marijuana revolution.


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